Form validation: Create a simple web form with Dreamweaver

In the first part of this series I introduced various forms of validation including some best practices, the difference between client-side and server-side validation, the types of validation including separation and indications for required fields, correct format, and confirmation fields.

Create a simple form

If you have never created web forms with validation then I invite you to follow along with this tutorial for creating a simple form that will perform validation of several different text fields and one text area field on a web page. I am utilizing Dreamweaver and its Validate Form Behavior in my example here; however, any web editing tool can be used to accomplish the same tasks with similar results using the code snippets provided. Note that the JavaScript portion might be a bit trickier without the tool, so I’ve included that code as well at the end of this tutorial. In this simple form, no actual data will be submitted; we’re only testing it for validation purposes. (Read more…)