Welcome to RYMOCS!

Glad you could drop in and check out what many have already known about us! 

 We are excited to be of service to you! We are just getting started with selling various products through various web resources and hope that your purchase and buying experience with us is a pleasant one. We strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction with all our sales and services, and should you not be totally happy with our products or services please contact us as soon as possible so that we can ensure prompt attention to your needs.

Currently we are featuring the talents of Cajun Chef Ryan with our spice mixes and recipes. If you purchased one of our recipes or spice blends be assured that these recipes and spices have not only been tested, but have stood the test of time as well. Some of our recipes have been handed down from generations and are still popular today, preserving and promoting our culinary heritage for future generations is just one of our projects.

Some of our other online sales items include various office, electronic, computer, photographic, and other household items as we look to clear room for more inventory. We also provide general computer training, web site design, and business technology and process integration solutions for restaurants and food industry establishments.

We are a customer driven organization and provide our clients with ultimate customer satisfaction with every interaction. Too hard to imagine! We guarantee all our work, products and services or your money back, that’s a 100% guarantee!

Having survived Hurricane Katrina in 2005 my family and I have bounced back in our lives, but many folks in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast regions are still struggling from the aftermath. It is also our hope that in spreading our love and devotion of Cajun cooking  and Louisiana Heritage we will somehow add to the rebuilding of hope for those who have none today. That is why for every purchase you make through RYMOCS on our online sales we will donate a percentage to various Hurricane Katrina Relief funds, this is just a small way that we can help to give back to the community, rich heritage and culture that gave so much to us!

Ryan and Monique Boudreaux