Quick Tip: Make content king on your websites

You want to give your website visitors something that makes them come back for more and you can include added value experiences such as audio, video, commenting, community, and social networking. What differentiates your website from all the others?

Ultimately, the user experience needs to be a positive one, but what the visitor is getting from your site is the content, and it should be at the forefront in your design focus. But is the “raw” content the only thing that is important? Years ago the common axiom of web design was “Content is King.” Today’s meme is slightly different; the focus is on the organizing or building of websites, in particular with respect to the textual, visual, and multimedia content, and the importance of search engine ranking that includes the broad field of Internet marketing techniques.

While it is important that your website looks clean and professional, it is far more important that you concentrate your efforts on how visitors interact with the website and how the content gets delivered. (Read more…)