Form validation: Using the Check Form Extension for Dreamweaver

In the previous segment of the form validation series, we installed the Check Form extension in Dreamweaver to add a robust client-side form validation process; if you have not yet read the series the first two parts are:

In this segment, we will be using the Check Form Extension and all its robust features. The Check Form extension allows for validation of form elements other than text fields such as menus, drop-down lists, radio buttons, and check boxes, and it provides for a thorough validation of certain data types within text fields. For example, the Check Form Behavior performs a much more comprehensive evaluation of an email address because it not only checks for the presence of the “@” symbol, it also checks for proper language rules as in It can also search other data strings such as time formats, date strings, and a range of values. And probably one of the best features to come with the Check Form Behavior is the ability to define custom error messages. You get to code and write your own pop-up messages based on rules that fail the validation tests upon form submission. (Read more….)