HTML5: Using structural elements for header, footer, and navigation

The HTML5 specification has defined a set of sectional and structural elements that improves semantic markup within HTML coding for web developers. These new sectional and structural elements are a panacea for moving away from the common use of divisions or the <div> element that has taken over a large part of web page structures in recent years.

The sectional and structural elements include the header <header>, footer <footer>, and navigation <nav> elements which will be addressed in this segment. The article <article>, aside <aside>, section <section>, and headings group <hgroup> elements were explained in the previous post on HTML5: Using sectional elements.

The only rule for limiting the use of the <header> and <footer> elements is that they cannot be nested within another <header> or <footer> element. Other than that limitation, the use of these two elements is fairly open; examples of their utilization will be displayed for both. (Read more…)