Quick tip: Measuring user satisfaction

As web masters we want to ensure that visitors are satisfied when they visit our websites. But measuring customer satisfaction can be a very subjective matter since visitors typically will tell you want they like or don’t like about the website, but what they won’t tell you is what they actually do on your site. Obtaining an honest assessment of visitor experiences, either good or bad, is another challenge, and ensuring that the feedback visitors report is accurate about their levels of satisfaction can make the difference between useful data and useless information.

Web analytics will tell you the number of hits, page views, the bounce rate, and what the most popular pages are on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. However, how do you know when visitors decide to use your site, how likely is it that they will return to your site, and will they recommend your site to friends and associates?

Measuring visitor satisfaction can be accomplished using several tools including customer satisfaction surveys, focus groups matching a profile, and email feedback forms. Surveys can be developed in-house, contracted out, or purchased from commercial sources that use standard methodologies across multiple industries. (Read more…)